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Quick intro

A quick intro to financial literacy for teens and parents. It's also a quick introduction to the other resources. Start here and follow with the other resources later on. Each resource discusses the most important topics.

The Equivalence of Value & Money

Explain to your teen that their income is a representation of the value they are providing with their time. It’s not a representation of their value as a human or a measure of their potential.

Working for Money

Working for a living can consume most of adulthood, so avoid pushing your teen to work too much, too soon. However, those teens that never work can struggle when faced with their first employment experience.


A simple understanding of budgeting can be sufficient. Most households fail to create or stick to a budget. Even the simplest of budgets can be highly useful.


You already know how damaging debt can be. If not through your personal experience, you’ve seen friends with debt issues and the damage it can cause. Get this through to your teen.


It’s not necessary to teach your child about options, derivatives, or currency trading. The simple information is the information that matters the most. Teach your child the basics.

A few tips

While determining what you’d like to teach your child about personal finances, consider your own experiences. What caused your own financial struggles?

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