Are You Afraid Your Teen Lacks Basic Financial Skills? We Have Children And We Used To Be Scared Too!

FinUp programme is designed to help parents help their teenagers to learn about money because they need to up their financial skills now more than ever. So, get your FinUp together while having fun.

What you will get from FinUp

Here are some of the most important things you and your teenager will learn..

Watch the video first and continue reading after.

You will teach your teen how to make and manage their first budget...

If your teenager reacts like our older daughter ("Whaaat?"), just "Keep calm and trust the process". If we did it, you will too. We got your back.

...after that (and in more detail), your teen will learn that there are other things besides their wishes...

You know those words "But I really neeed it...!" when they ask for new iPhone or $700 sneakers. It is in that moment that you realize they don't know how much $700 actually is.

Your teen will learn how to save money for whatever they "need" and continue to work on their budget from previous months.

By now you will be amazed by the transformation in their brains. Some would say that "they actually start using it" but that would be a little harsh. Right?

Your input would be of great help for us

Please help us with this 2-minute survey on financial literacy for your teen(s). It helps us to create better content for parents like yourself.

We love it!

"We heard about this app from a friend and decided to give it a try. Our finances were in chaos, and our teenager was just demanding more and more unnecessary things that were “crucial”. The app helped her to put things in a different perspective. We love it!"



It's great, especially how it allows kids to set a valued goal then they can see how long it will take to buy something they desire. It’s really exciting, even for them too!"


Important for me

"I loved the idea of the course and what I watched in the free video. Everything important on the topic was covered. Everything inside the Starter Course is simple and very easy to understand and apply! I can't wait to start the Expert Course!"


Our insights

Here are some of the amazing things that we saw happening while testing, creating and implementing the programs together with our daughters:


Our kids were able to grasp their finances for the first time in their life and started trying to fit their wishes into the budget. Without asking us for more money!


We immediately saw a change when our kids felt they can actually have control over their spending. Their responsibility level skyrocketed, and they started planning and saving.


Because all of that, the arguing over money stopped instantly. Our communication improved drastically, and you know how hard that can be…

What else can you find here

We wanted to make it as fun and easy as possible for you and your teen!

Education on the Smartphone

The only way that we could have made learning interesting to teenagers was to embed it into a smartphone app and make it fun. Period.

Five minutes per day

That is all your child will have to spend each day performing simple tasks and some fun activities learning fundamental financial skills at the same time.


Being consistent in tracking the finances is one of the most important things for everyone. Our app will send reminders every day to help your teenager be consistent in tracking their budget.

Valuable tips

Researching this topic, we found numerous clever tips and suggestions which we tested and included in our 8-week Challenge. It is all there, in one place.

Fun activities

Teenagers like to have fun, right? That's why we put a lot of effort into making this Course as fun as possible. For example, we developed Digital Escape Rooms for your teenager.

Tasks for Parents and Teenagers

Some activities inside the Challenge are made for parents, and some are for teens only. Because, like, parents don't talk like kids do. Like, ever!

Great idea

"I went through the free course, and it’s great! It’s such a great idea.

When I was growing up, there was NO WAY we got a $1500 phone or iPad or anything like that. Not a chance it was even considered. It wasn’t a thing like it is now just a given that they have all these things and whatever clothes they want with no understanding of the value. I Love this concept!"


Great app!

The FinUP app was a revelation for our family. It helped bring costs to order not only for our teenage daughter but for us as well. No more surprise expenses every month because everything is planned in advance. Great app!

Rihane Gess


"This app is exactly what our family needed. Our teenager learned to value money and realized that “it doesn’t grow on trees”. The app is intuitive and easy to use, for both children and adults!"


About Us

Who Are We?

We are Miro & Carmen, entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in education business and proud parents of two beautiful teenage daughters.

Our Expertise

We are proud owners of education institute from Zagreb, Croatia, which delivers education programs all over Europe. Having the experience of completing dozens of education projects and serving more than 10,000 people helped us build the expertise to develop this course.

Our Experience

While we don't claim to know it all, WE DID HELP our teenage daughters learn basic money management by creating a sustainable step-by-step action plan. In two months they learned to use basic money management skills to secure wise financial decisions in their future.

Thank You!

You are about to do something that maybe seemed impossible to you:

This Course will help you teach your teenage child about money and finances.

Isn't that great?

We made it fun and easy, and we are certain that even you will learn a thing or two...!

Starter Course


Valuable tips and suggestions on how to teach your child money management.


Budgeting templates for download

and use.


Short educational videos accessible on any device (smartphone, notepad, laptop...)


Are you a parent of a teenager that is clueless about money? That means you both qualify for the Starter Course. You’re good to go!

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